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The is the World Biggest Globe of death show.

Thinking about how many riders can stay inside??
Look, Infernal Varanne, owns the Official GUINESS world record in globe of death, so imagine, what we can do here.
But for Danny Varanne, it is not important how many riders can fit in that big globe. But more, what can they do!
Having many boys going horizontal, is no sense for us. We WANT EVERYBODY CROSSING EACH OTHERS!!!
WE WANT 5 RIDERS IN LOOPINGS AT THE SAME TIME!!, here is the goal. To makes the thrills people wants.
We recomend to have a show with 7 riders in this globe. Then you have the World Biggest Globe of Death Show.

  • So far the Mega Globe Of death has been presented at:
  • TOP GEAR LIVE, United Kingdom
  • SANTA POD RACEWAY, United Kingdom
  • PHILIPP PLEIN FASHION SHOW, Milan Italy  Fashion Week

So if your country is not in the events list above, you can annonce: FOR THE THE FIRST TIME IN YOUR COUNTRY.