We bring the Globe of Death

by air

by sea

by ground!

We build the globe in a thousand ways. Almost everywhere, we event build the globe on snow!!

The high speed shot 


The Globe of death is the high speed shot of INFERNAL VARANNE RIDERS. Riding as fast as possible in a limited space globe, is the speciality of the boys. The team toured in more than 20 countries with the globe of death. 

The boys are official GUINNESS WORLD RECORD holders and they won two awards at the MONTE-CARLO CIRCUS FESTIVAL.

The team is the oldest one in Europe. Leader rider Danny Varanne is now the pioneer of all Globe of Death riders in Europe.


We have a very strong shipping department. We take care of all steps from A to Z. We do the custom ATA carnet.  We can ship our equipment by AIR CARGO, SEA CONTAINER or by ROAD.  We take care of everything! 


We have different Balls of Death. Small, medium, big, Splitter....From 4meters 25 to 7 meters (The biggest). See Globe all globes


The Ball of Death can be installed on any kind of surface. Soil, Grass, Concrete, Parquet, Snow...

We do use only four strokes motorcycles. To avoid smokes and smells. So we can perform in any place, even small. We produce NO Smell, No noise (Unless you wish).


Bookings starts with two riders plus the option of a model standing in the center of the cage, it's  a basic show, that will give full satisfaction to your audience. Even with just TWO riders.
Then, we can come with 3 riders, with 4, with 5....up to 6 riders in the small cage (We are OFFICIAL GUINNESS world record holders), or in a bigger ball.

Ou are fully covered by liability insurance.Worldwide.

The Globe of Death

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