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History of a FAKE  world record organized by GUINNESS BOOK. 



In 2011, on the studio set of CANALE 5, LO SHOW DEI RECORDS, the team INFERNAL VARANNE  beated the GUINNESS WORLD RECORD of " Globe of death riders with with a person in middle »


The TV production of «  LO SHOW DEI RECORD » from Italian TV, « CANALE 5 »  contacted Danny Varanne (stunt coordinator and rider) and asked if he was able to organize an attempt to beat the previous world record who was held by BELA TABAK from Las vegas. 


The conditions as explained by the production of « LO SHOW DEI RECORD » was simple: 

More than 5 riders, in a globe of death of maximum size 4.38 centimeters, with a person in the center in the globe, for at least 10 seconds. 


Danny Varanne accepted the challenge. The attempt was planned for 13 APRIL 2011 in MILAN, ITALY. 

The attempt was a success, and the «INFERNAL TEAM » was the new official world record holders of the so called: GLOBE OF DEATH MOST MOTORCYCLIST - PERSON IN MIDDLE.

The world record was officially recognized  by GUINNESS book.


In APRIL 2022, the same production for the same show, asked another team to beat the INFERNAL VARANNE world record. 


The new team added ONE rider, and « LO SHOW DEI RECORD » presented this as the new official GUINNESS world record, who themselves recognized as the new world record. 


But….With all respect we can have for the new riders, the production accepted the new team to use a BIGGER globe of death. With the size of 5.00 meters! 


To be a real world record, the new riders should have used a globe that do not exceed 4.25 centimeters. And not 5.00 centimeters. 


We contacted the production to claim the new record, invalid, but they explained us, that GUINNESS BOOK, applies rules if they think necessary.

It is obvious that in a bigger globe of death size, we can have more riders. 


So, GUINNESS lies.





First world record:

1999 - Team: BELA TABAK. (Recorded in Las vegas)

5 riders - plus one person in middle -  Globe of death size: 4.38 centimeters 


2011 - Team INFERNAL VARANNE. (Recorded in Milan)

6 riders - plus one person in middle - Globe of death size: 4.25 centimeters 


2022 - New team (Recorded in Milan)

7 riders - plus one person in middle - Globe of death size: 5.00 centimeters

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