Globe of death Fleet of Infernal Varanne

UNIT NAME: "Bianca"

(Small Size)

Weight: 2300 kgs

Diameter: 4 meters 25 meters

Mobile version. 

UNIT NAME: "Black Dragon"

(Medium Size)

Weight: 2800 kgs

Diameter: 5 meters

Portable version and mobile version. 

UNIT NAME: "Mega Globe"

(Biggest motorcycle globe Size)

Weight: 6000 kgs

Diameter: 7 meters

Goes on a one meter chassis. Total height is 8 meters.  

UNIT NAME: "Splitter"

Weight: 5000 kgs

Diameter: 4m40 

Goes on a one 1m50 chassis. Total height is 6 meters.  

UNIT NAME: "Double Globes"

Weight: 5800 kgs

Diameter: 2 X 4m25 

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